Career Coaching for Early Career & Career Transitions

What are your goals for your future?

Bottom Line

95% of my clients have landed where they want to be.

A note from Naomi...

I firmly believe that everyone deserves to be in a career which feels fulfilling. Limiting the number of clients I take on allows me to be there for my clients until and after they land a job. I work intensively to achieve positive results and outcomes with fast results. Together, we will work to create successful career path for now and for your future...

Wherever you are in your journey, I can help.

My background includes 15 years in career brand management as a senior recruiter, career counselor, and subject matter expert. These experiences have provided the foundation for Naomi Koller Careers. I am an MBA and a Marketing Professor and work with individuals, groups and organizations. I have successfully coached early career clients who are launching or identifying their careers as well as executive managers who may be stuck in their job search or seeking a Board of Directors position. I am inspired by my clients, their stories, and the results we achieve together.