It's Your Career - Pursue Your Passion

Improve Your Career Prospects and Reach Your Goals

Networking Strategies That Work

Networking is a great way to connect with people in organizations that you want to work in. We will use effective strategies to create networks that complement your job search. Once you create these connections, they will become your mentors as your career evolves. My strategic networking strategies create positive results!

Customize Your Search to Find Jobs That Fit You

Posting resumes to job boards is definitely necessary but it cannot be the only activity you do in a job search and is a passive strategy.  Learn how to incorporate active search strategies into your search so that you can take the steps necessary to start your career. We will work to define the criteria for your job search that aligns with your goals.

Job Application Support

While finding a job to apply for is usually not a challenge, the applications can be. I will assist you with the long and tedious application process so your applications get sent out on a timely basis - not after the job search closes.