Individualized Career Branding & Coaching

Coaching Programs Built Specifically for You

Career Branding creates distinction for the job candidate. You, your experiences, your education all combine to create unique qualities which we will focus on to create your message. Your message will reflect your career goals.

What is Your Career Brand?

It is a way of marketing your career as its own unique "brand." Your career brand will serve as a guide not only for your job search, but for your future career management as you build the foundation for your career future.

  • Hiring managers will have a sense of who you are professionally before you meet based on our work to create and define your LinkedIn profile, resume and cover letter, and social media profiles.
  • Developing a career branding strategy creates a relationship with your target audience of companies and gives you an edge over other candidates by creating a clear message to the hiring managers.
  • Career branding not only identifies the value you can bring to an organization, but also reveals the types of roles or companies that are a good match for you as a candidate. Your work and life experiences will radiate.

You will be interview-ready and heading toward the achievement of your career goals!