Professional Career Coach, Mentor and Facilitator

Reimagine Your Career on Your Terms

Naomi Koller is a leading career coach, working individually and in groups, with a focus on Early Career clients, as well as a those in a career transition.

A note from Naomi...

I firmly believe that everyone deserves to be in a career which feels fulfilling. As more and more changes occur within the process of getting a job, I enable my clients to be the best versions of themselves and successfully navigate this complex new reality. I limit the number of clients and I aim to almost “be there” with my clients and see them through stressful situations such as interviews or networking. My goal is to see everyone in the career which they set out to be in. I believe in speedy results and work intensively to achieve that outcome.

I accomplish this through building a relationship of trust with each and every client so that I can create an individualized roadmap to achieve their goals. I work with a limited number of clients at a time to provide continuous contact and fast response time to questions, concerns, or issues that may come up within the anxieties of a job search. Throughout my years of coaching, I have found that building confidence and enjoying the career empowerment process are the greatest tools needed to be a strong candidate. Together, we will work to create successful outcomes.

My background includes 15 years in career brand management as a senior recruiter, career counselor, and subject matter expert. These experiences have provided the foundations for Naomi Koller Careers. I am an MBA, as well as a Marketing Professor. I work with individuals, groups and organizations, and have coached early career clients and senior executives.