Why is the Holiday Season a Good Time to Look for a Job?

Image of holiday lights and a sign about finding a job

Two Reasons to Search for a Job During the Holiday Season

Many people take the holiday season “off” when it comes to their job search. I have always advised my clients to continue their job search through the holiday season; the reason is twofold.

Reason One – Less Competition

First, there are less applicants to compete with during the holiday season because there is a belief that companies hire less during this time. Since there are less candidates actively seeking a new job, it creates more opportunity for those who apply.

Reason Two – Budget Requirements

Second, companies are seeking to fill those positions which are budgeted for but not filled at year-end, as well as, seeking to fill newly budgeted positions on the books for the first quarter of 2020.

Final Answer – Good News

This is good news for candidates who view this season as an opportunity to land a job!

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