Why LinkedIn is So Relevant Today

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How to Network in the Virtual COVID-19 Environment

LinkedIn is a social network for the business community. Founded in 2002, LinkedIn is a place for professionals to connect with past and current colleagues, increase their number of business connections, network within their industry, discuss business ideas, search for jobs and look for new hires. Being able to accomplish all of this virtually has never been so significant as it is during COVID-19.

How Can LinkedIn Help Me Stand Out?

With over 675 million members worldwide, an exceptional LinkedIn Profile that will stand out from the crowd can attract the attention of recruiters and increase your career brand within your network. A professional LinkedIn profile can showcase your skills, experience and achievements thereby creating future career opportunities.

LinkedIn Profile – 10 Tips to Develop or Improve Your Profile

  1. Brand and position yourself in the job market
  2. Network with people in your industry
  3. Increase your chances of being “found” by recruiters
  4. Uncover job opportunities, project work and hidden opportunities and referrals
  5. Get “inside” career information, company information and latest industry news
  6. Connect with recruiters, hiring managers and HR Managers
  7. Increase your visibility on the internet and Search Engine Optimization
  8. Exchange knowledge and ideas with people in your industry
  9. Access relevant and timely job opportunities and apply via LinkedIn
  10. Stay in touch with contacts and potential employers

Invest 15 Minutes a Day on LinkedIn and Open Doors to Opportunity

Start creating time each day for your LinkedIn account – 15 minutes will do! Start engaging with this incredible tool and explore the opportunities which come through virtual networking. This will open more doors and connect you with others who have similar or exact interests. Launch your career marketing on LinkedIn by experimenting with the best practices that make the most sense for you!