Should You Look for Career Opportunities During the Holiday Season?

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While many people feel that the holiday season is not a good time to seek a new position, I see it as an opportunity. Hiring managers have time to review staffing needs, resumes, and budget allocations, and workforce planning takes place for 2024.

Rather than wait for January, take the opportunity to start your search now. In an article entitled “5 Reasons To Continue Your Job Search Over The Holidays” on, author Caroline Castrillon offers five compelling reasons to pursue opportunities during the holidays. Here is an excerpt:

Many people believe that continuing a job search over the holidays is a waste of time. For one thing, it might seem too difficult to juggle social gatherings and holiday merriment with a job hunt. Or you may feel so burned out from the year’s events that you need a break.

But it could actually be the ideal time to look for a new position. Contrary to popular belief, hiring doesn’t stop during the holidays. Employers hire when they need talent. And those key roles sometimes open up at the end of the year. Also, if your job search is already in full swing, it’s a good idea to keep the momentum going.

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